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Payment methods available at include:

1.     PayPal

2.     Credit Card

3.     Bank Transfer

4.     Western Union


1.     PayPal

PayPal can be used at to purchase items by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card, or E-check (i.e. using your regular Bank Account).

Our PayPal Account is: 

If you use PayPal, you have several choices:
-If you have money in credit card, you can send it from the card onto your PayPal account;
-You can send money from a credit card: the money withdrawn from your credit card will be sent directly to the recipient's PayPal account;
-You can also send money from a debit card/bank account directly to the recipient's PayPal account.
Note: when you are "uploading" money, PayPal will probably charge you certain percentage of commissions. If you want to get more detailed information about their services, please check their site and confirm it.
In order to obtain your information, you must be very alert towards possible fraud sites purporting to be the real PayPal site. The fraud sites are always 'fishing', and you can?t click on links to "PayPal verification" emails. 

2.     Bank Transfer

1) Choose Bank Transfer as your payment method

2) Print or write down the payment information and make the payment in any of your local banks. Before you visit your local HSB branch, please remember to take your and beneficiary's identification with you such as your order# (e.g.120124-HWVN169) and payment amount (e.g. GBP127.99), beneficiary's name, Bank (HSB), Country and City (Hong Kong), Account Number ( IBAN ) and SWIFT Code (constant).(See below)

3) Go to any bank and transfer the money to the designated account above, the money will arrive in JoyGown's account in 2-3 business days. Write down beneficiary's identification on the "Send" form and make the payment via HANG SENG BANK LIMITED. Be sure to fill in the order number, otherwise the payment confirmation may be failed or delayed.

4) Once you complete the money transfer, please do remember to submit your transaction details (Sender's Name, Amount and Payment Date) to our email: Without your transaction details provided, your payment confirmation may be delayed or failed.


1. Only $USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD are accepted for this Bank Transfer.

2. The system will identify your billing address and assign you the corresponding payment information, (such as beneficiary Bank, Name, Account Number ( IBAN ), SWIFT code etc.).

3. Please remember to write down the Account Number ( IBAN ), SWIFT code on the bank "Send" sheet to ensure we will receive your payment on time. Make sure the Account Number ( IBAN ) and SWIFT code is correct as we need to trace your payment with it.


You will be responsible for all local handling fees and intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, please confirm the total payment amount with the bank before you transfer the money.

If you have any further questions regarding your JoyGown order payment through Bank Transfer, please email to us at: or